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10 Ways to Style Your Hair with Clip In Extensions

by Henry
10 Ways to Style Your Hair with Clip In Extensions

Hair extensions serve many purposes: adding volume and length, covering bald spots, or changing your look. You can skip the salon for your at-home beauty arsenal with clip in hair extensions. These aren't those annoying, uncomfortable plastic weaves; these are chic bundles of human hair that you can style as you wish. Here are different ways to style your hair with clip-in extensions

The easiest way to perk up a ponytail is with extra length and volume. Clip-in a few extensions into your ponytail for the ultimate luscious locks! For example, here are the steps to make a high puff ponytail with clip in hair extensions. Take your hair down from a ponytail. Add some volume to your crown by teasing the top of your head with a comb. Take an extension and clip it into the top of your teased hair. Pin the extension in place underneath your bun or high pony, then wrap it around for a sleek look. Finish off with hairspray.

Buns and Knots
Have short hair? Create a quick braid or knot along your part, tuck it into an elastic, and throw on an extra-long piece to drape over. You'll have gorgeous bedhead waves that are perfect for date night. You can try a new hairstyle with the following steps. First, separate your hair into three sections: a small section of the top and sides and a long large piece for the back.

Take one end of the large section and bring it to the front. Twist it toward you, then loop it back underneath itself. Continue twisting with each turn until you reach your scalp; secure with an elastic band and hairspray.

Protective Styles
Twist the ends of your clip-in extensions together with yours to create cute textured styles. These styles look especially great with box braids or crochet twists. You can wear it for a party or romantic occasions.

Full Volume and Curls
For a complete, voluminous look, clip-in hair extensions are the way to go. Use them along your part to create a dimension for glamorous curls or waves. Throw open your curtains and let them dry naturally for huge hair.

If you're worried about tangles, try this quick tip: curl your entire head with a one-inch curling iron, then lightly comb through. Let it air dry, and you'll have beautiful waves.

Retro or modern? You decide. Clip in a few extensions along your part as bangs for an edgy look that's sure to turn some heads! Bangs are an ideal choice for summer when it's too hot for long hair.

Romantic Waves
Curling your entire head of hair takes a lot of time. Curl only the bottom half of your hair with a wand, then clip-in extensions along your part to create bombshell waves. You'll still have gorgeous curls without all the work. Clip the top of your clip-in extensions into a messy side bun for a wavy 'do that's perfect for the summer.

Circular Styles
Wrap your extra-long clip-in extensions into a high bun and fasten them in place with a spritz of hairspray. Twist your clip-in hair extensions inward to create fun crimped styles, or curl the ends for mermaid waves.

Updos and Buns
Combine your hair and clip-in extensions to create a high bun, and pin the extra-long pieces in place for a runway-ready updo. You can try an updo with the following steps. First, add volume to the crown by teasing with a comb. Then take one section from either side and tie them together in a knot at your nape, twisting the strands so it's less noticeable when you pin it around your bun.

Side Parts
Take advantage of those sleek straight styles by making a side part and throwing some clip-in bangs into the mix. These work well for school, work, or even casual events.

Double Ponytails
French braid one side of your hair and combine it with your clip-in extensions for a gorgeous bohemian look that will make everyone jealous. One example of doing this hairstyle is braiding one side of your hair and pushing it over your shoulder, braiding the other side, and throwing in some clip-in extensions for volume. Use double headbands to create a low ponytail with volume. Clip in either two pieces or four pieces across the top section of your double band, and you're good to go!

Final Thoughts
Clip-in hair extensions are a great choice to spend hours on styling. They're also versatile pieces that can instantly take your look from drab to fab! You must buy the best clip-in hair extensions if you want them to match your natural hair. It will provide a natural look and feel and blend comfortably with an existing hairstyle.

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