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5 Must have Bike Accessories for Every Rider

by Henry
5 Must have Bike Accessories for Every Rider

Whether riding a bike for fun, commuting to your workplace, or exploring the local trail, it is crucial to be prepared for various eventualities. There are many bike accessories available in the market to make your rides comfortable, practical and safer. These accessories come in various designs to satisfy your every demand on the road without compromising on style.

Having innovative, design-savvy accessories is sure to enhance your riding experience, but the sheer range of options might leave you overwhelmed. Therefore, to help you sort through a large number of items, here is the list of essential accessories that all riders should consider buying.

All the following items are essential for every rider, but this one is absolutely non-negotiable. Even if your city allows you to ride a bike without a helmet, it is your responsibility to protect your noggin. When buying a helmet, make sure it perfectly fits your head, offers adequate ventilation, adheres to the government safety guidelines, and is sturdy enough to protect your head from any unfortunate injuries.

You may always need to carry certain items with you, even when you are on a ride. It can be your mobile phone, some cash, a spare tube, lubricants and so forth. A saddlebag, commonly called a storage bag, is the most convenient way to keep your pockets free while keeping all the essential things you need below your saddle. But before you buy one, make sure it has sufficient space to house everything you need to carry on a ride.

Bottle cage
At the moment, you might not feel a Bottle cage is an essential bike accessory, however, just go for a ride for 30-35 minutes, and you will soon find them necessary. A single bottle cage is likely enough, but most riders prefer to have two cages because the other one can be used to carry spares in a canister. It is better to invest in a good bottle cage that can potentially save you weight, do not cause any annoying rattling and also provide a secure hold for your bottles over the rough terrain.

Sports glasses
It is vital to understand that sports glasses are different from ordinary sunglasses. Sports glasses are lightweight, offer a large field of vision, and often come with interchangeable lenses. It is always advisable to look for a comfortable fit on your head and ensure it fits well with your helmet too. In addition to this, pay attention to the field of vision the glasses provide to ensure it does not obstruct your view.

Tool kit
If you don’t prefer doing any maintenance on your own and would instead go to a professional to get the job done, then all you need in your toolkit is a bottle of chain lube. However, if you are keen to make a few adjustments and do a maintenance job yourself, you should have some basic items like a degreaser, hex key set, work stand, torque wrench beside the chain lube.

Lights and Reflectors
Do you know how to enhance your visibility to avoid accidents? No matter whether you predominantly ride your bike during the day or at night, riding with bike lights is all you can do to make yourself safer. Suppose you are riding in the dark or a poorly lit road; you definitely need lights to see with. In contrast, if you are riding during the daytime or on well-lit streets, you would not need lights and reflectors to be seen.

The Bottom Line
These are just a few essential Bike accessories that all bikers should have at all times. Pro cyclists understand that practicality is the key and that going without these items is asking for trouble. So before you set yourself on the streets, make sure you are all geared up.

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