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Looking Your Best Skincare Regimens That You Want to Avoid in 2021

by Henry
Looking Your Best Skincare Regimens That You Want to Avoid in 2021

Everyone loves a youthful appearance. And as this innate human desire to remain youthful has been a dominating factor throughout human history, along the way we’ve come up with some interesting solutions to try and defy the aging process.

You can look deep into antiquity to see to what lengths people have gone to try to retain a youthful appearance. In fact, around the year 69 BCE, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt would take baths in donkey milk as a skincare regimen a regimen that required stables of over 700 donkeys to be exact.

Further, during the late 14th Century, Elizabethan women took to placing raw beef on their faces in hopes of minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, whereas today, many people opt for Botox and plastic surgery.

But today, we still have several skincare regimens that prove to be ineffective, and in some cases, harmful. Here, we’ll take a look at a few regimens that you’ll want to avoid today.

Talcum Powder
You may have heard of talcum powder or its natural form known as talc. This is a silica-based mineral compound that has been used for decades in cosmetics and powders, and it is still an ingredient in many cosmetics and powders today.

The problem with talcum powder is that sometimes this contains asbestos, and this is a known carcinogen. Research has shown that samples of talcum powder today still contain trace amounts of asbestos in some case studies.

For women who’ve used talcum powder, many have developed ovarian or uterine cancers, and many of these women have considered filing lawsuits for compensation due to the use of talcum powder over many years.

Using Too Many Products
Perhaps the most common practice that is known to damage skin, or has an unwanted effect, is the practice of using too many products at the same time.

Most women today have a routine for applying makeup, and this often includes adding multiple layers of products to the face.

This practice can weigh the skin down and clog the pores. Additionally, if the makeup isn’t properly removed promptly, this can irritate the skin and cause blemishes or other problems.

In addition to using too many products, the same consequences can occur if you’re using too many cleansing products.

Essentially, when you use too many products, you’re overwhelming your skin and you’re causing a feedback cycle to occur where you’re damaging your skin over and over and not letting it properly heal. So to mitigate any skin problems, using less product is much more beneficial.

Using Dirty Applicators
A painter like Picasso wouldn’t have been able to create beautiful works of art if he’d used dirty brushes. Each of his strokes would have been tainted with dried paint, dust, and dirt. And this would have all ended up on the canvas.

The same is true of your face. And this is a practice that many women and men are guilty of when applying makeup and products to the skin.

All of your brushes and applicators need to be cleaned after each use. And this is because not only are you allowing the buildup of dried product on your brushes, but dirt, dust, and dead skin cells can all accumulate on your brushes and applicators if you fail to properly clean them after each use.

Using dirty applicators and brushes is known to cause breakouts and blemishes, and this is because bacteria can also form on your brushes. And this can even cause worse problems such as styes and pink-eye if applied near the eyes.

If looking your best is what you’re after, ensuring that you follow quality practices of applying beauty products will mitigate any breakouts or blemishes that you might otherwise fall victim to. And you’ll also be much better off if you stick to natural methods and allow your skin time to breathe in-between applications.

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