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Its time for a bathroom makeover

by Henry
Its time for a bathroom makeover

Shower screens are essentials for one's shower. One might not know its benefits, and that's why they don't have it yet. Well, is one still using those old curtains to add separation from the rest of the washroom and from avoiding water to spill out? Honestly, that's isn't as effective, plus it isn't straightforward to maintain. Curtains can also cause mildew and mold in the bathroom and give the bathroom an old-fashioned look. Shower screens in Newcastle are ideal for ensuring that one's bathroom stays splash-free and looks top-notch. It is an inexpensive up-gradation to one's bathroom but changes the look while being practical.

What are bath shower screens?
They are glass panels that ensure one's bathroom to be splash-free. In simple words, it stops water leakage from one's combined bath and shower setup. It is fixed to the wall with a hinge mechanism and is made of glass in various thicknesses.

Different types of screens:

1. Single Panel Screens: This shower screen is made from one glass panel. A hinge can move this. It is most commonly used because it has a clean and fuss-free look.

2. Double Panel Screen: It is made using two glasses, connected using a hinge. It can be opened in multiple ways and works great for smaller bathrooms. It is multifunctional and provides extra protection.

3. Framed Shower Screen: Perfect for all bathroom types; these are a perfect choice for budget-restricted people. It provides a complete enclosure of glass panels supported by an aluminum frame.

4. Frameless Shower Screens: They are made of glass panels and have a chic and minimal look. It is a better alternative to the framed one.

5. Semi-frameless Shower Screens: It is a kind of framed shower screen that is more subtle. They offer strength as well as have a sophisticated look. It is a durable yet stylish option.

6. Sliding Door Shower Screen: These types are great for saving space. They are a practical choice, as they have an inward opening door that saves space and is also durable.

7. Pivot Door Shower Screen: They rotate on a central point and are available in different styles and designs. But, these are only ideal for large bathrooms.

Size and measurements: The size of the shower screen depends upon the size of one's bathroom, to be precise, the shower area. They come in all sizes and designs to suit one bathroom and shape the best. The thickness of the glass shower screens usually gives a more luxurious feel to it while providing extra protection. It usually varies from 3mm to 8mm.

Care and maintenance: It is not much of a task to maintain shower screens. One will not need a clean-up every day to keep it away from stains; a regular wipe every day will work. One in two weeks will help in its longevity.

There are a variety of finishes in which shower screens come. Starting from matt black to bruises brass, there's no stopping! But, one can experiment and look for what complements their bathroom! Chrome also gives one's bathroom a striking, elegant look!

One might be confused about where to get the affordable yet best shower screen in Newcastle. From timeless pieces to the trendiest, trinity frameless showers are here to help one give their washroom a quick makeover on a budget! One also doesn't need to worry about installation because they get it all done themselves!

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