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Why is Wichita Falls so Popular

by Henry
Why is Wichita Falls so Popular

Wichita Falls is a simple and small city in Texas, one of the southern states of the USA. Wichita Falls is named after a fall on the course of the Wichita river that runs on the northern side of the state of Texas. The falls were however destroyed because of a flood in the 1880s. But due to popular demand for visiting the falls by tourists, then Entrepreneur Joseph Kemp dredged and restored the now present Lake Wichita and the Wichita Falls. The city is most popular for the Technical Training Wing called the Sheppard Air Force Base. Lake Wichita and the falls along with the Lucy Park attract local tourists because of which there are plenty of hotels in Wichita Falls TX. These places offer a range of exciting accommodations varying from fine hotels with a view and recreational programs to simple lodging facilities.

Popular Attractions in Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls has a lot of businesses and school districts. Many people have settled down in and around Wichita Falls and are employed by the school districts, local businesses, Hospitals, and most importantly the Sheppard Air Force Base. Sheppard Air Force Base is the biggest training wing of the US Airforce and trains combat pilots for NATO as well as the ASAF. The Euro-NATO training programs are also a specialty of this Air Force Base. This airforce base serves as a popular destination for tourists who are interested in watching pilot training programs around the campus. It is also one of the biggest employers for the people of Wichita Falls.

The business district has some historical buildings such as the Newby-McMahon Building, the Kemp-Kell office buildings, many oil and gasoline refineries, flour refineries, and local shopping centers. The city is most known for its oil refineries as it served as Headquarters for many oil companies such as the Panhandle Oil Company and ConocoPhillips. Even though they have been moved to other cities now, the refineries still exist and employ many people in the district.

The city is also famous for its Ripleys Believe it or Not winner the Newby McMahon building which is the title winner of the smallest skyscraper in the world. The city also houses the Texas Midwestern University and the Wayland Baptists University which has many students flying in and out of the campus. There are many lodgings and hotels in Wichita Falls TX to accommodate the student population that comes around every year to look at colleges and universities.

Many tourists visit Wichita Falls to holiday around the Lake Wichita, the Wichita Falls, and the Lucy Park where there are plenty of amenities for families and tourists such as Picnic parks, Frisbee Golf Course, Weeks Park one of the largest golf courses in the USA, off-leash dog park, the walkway around the park and the lake for a splendid experience skating, hiking, biking and running.

The Hotter’N Hell Hundred is a national cycling championship that is held every year to celebrate the centennial of the city. There are many other sporting events that take place through these games and attract many tourists from in and around Texas. There is a huge demand for hotels, resorts, and lodgings around this time as tourists start to flood the city. Most hotels have a range of rooms that provide a fine lodging experience to budget-friendly accommodations.

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