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4 Reasons To Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

by Henry
4 Reasons To Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love for your partner. But more so, it marks the beginning of the rest of your beautiful lives together. And nothing speaks of resilience and commitment better than a diamond ring. But spending months of salary and getting under debt for an engagement ring may not be the most prudent decision. So, what can you do Well, you can consider buying a lab grown diamond engagement ring!

Say Yes to the Engineered Diamond Ring
Manufactured diamonds are crafted diligently under a highly-controlled lab environment, using excellent technical processes. The conditions under which a natural diamond is born are then duplicated with exact perfection for the cultured diamonds.

It is why it's no surprise that lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same chemical properties and are at par with natural diamonds. If you are in split mind about lab-grown diamonds, here are all the right reasons to pick it!

Reason 1: Comparatively Inexpensive
Choosing a cultured diamond will be about 40% less expensive than a natural diamond. So, as per your budget, you can get a bigger, higher-quality ring with the kind of carat, clarity, and cut you desire. Additionally, you can customize the lab-grown diamond ring and still spend lesser bucks on it And, just because the man-made diamond costs you less, it doesn't mean that you have to compromise with the quality.

Reason 2: Ethically crafted
Mined diamonds are often nicknamed 'blood diamonds.' They have the reputation of being highly unethical, and understandably so. These mined diamonds negatively impact the environment and extract substantial fossil fuel energy. According to a report, one polished carat of earth-grown diamond exudes 160 kg of greenhouse gases.

Moreover, these mined diamonds have been exploited to fund many wars in Africa. Considering all these ethical and humanitarian conflicts, a lab-grown diamond makes for a better choice. Given how a man-made diamond is created in a controlled environment, all the moral dilemma is eliminated.

Reason 3: Same Classy Look
There won't be a difference between the engineered diamonds and the mined ones to the naked eye. They are constituted with the same optical and chemical properties. The only minor difference between the diamonds is that the manufactured one comes with a microscopic inscription. Although, one requires special equipment to observe the inscription. So, you can boast a lab-grown diamond ring of your dreams to your friends and family. Plus, you won't have to feel guilty about investing in a blood diamond.

Reason 4: Stylish as ever
The cultured diamonds come in many contemporary designs that you can choose from. If you fancy a traditional-looking ring, you can find these rings in oval, round, and princess cuts. If you are looking for something unconventional, you can pick a radiant-looking shape of heart, emerald, pear, etc. And since these are reasonably priced, you can choose the style and shape and customize the ring of your dreams.

Whether or not you choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring comes down to your budget and personal liking. Albeit they are less costly and more ethically produced, the question is: which diamond more explicitly aligns with your desires and values.

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