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6 Steps To Control Acid Reflux By Changing Lifestyle

by Henry
6 Steps To Control Acid Reflux By Changing Lifestyle

You must have felt a burning heart sensation which is commonly caused due to the acid from the stomach coming to the food pipes and is widely known as acid reflux. Burning heart sensations is very common and the majority of us have experienced this in our lives. Often the most common thing which we relate acid reflux with is when we consume spicy food and overeats. We can have scary nights if we have this as a regular sensation, and this may impact our health by way of making us uncomfortable every time.

We can always make some basic lifestyle changes that can help us keep ourselves safe from the Acid Reflux problem.

Let us have a look at five simple steps or life hacks to control the acid reflux:

  • Time Gap between dinner and Sleeping: Many of us have a simple habit of going to bed immediately after eating dinner. But this is not a proper way to do so. Every time there must be a gap of approximately 2 to 3 hours between dinner and sleeping. We all know that acid is released during the gastric phase of digestion. Often when we eat food and go to sleep immediately, these acids which are involved in the digestion process are reversed through the esophagus to our food pipe. The lying position helps these acids to drift back, which is controlled when you are not lying. Whenever these acids enter the food pipe, we feel a burning sensation near the heart. So always plan your dinner accordingly.
  • Avoid Junk food and High Fat Food: Some food items take less time, while some others take more time to digest. Often our stomach has to work hard and for a long to digest some food items. High-fat meals and greasy foods are some examples of the latter. As these food items stay for long in the stomach than usual food, they start fermenting and result in acid reflux. Thus, one should always eat healthy to live healthily.
  • Adequate Water intake: Too much of water at one go is not advisable. Regular consumption of water while consuming food may increase the chance of acid reflux. Water dissolves with the acid in the stomach which slows down the digestion process. Also, too much water leads to the creation of pressure on the lower side of the esophagus, creating chances of acid reflux. Do not drink too much water at one gulp while eating. Take small sips and if possible, have water after half an hour of having food. Always consume clean and pure water to keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Quit Smoking: Cigarette and other smoking items contain nicotine which leads to increased production of acid in the stomach. The digestion process is slowed down due to increased acid causing perfect condition for acid reflux. Avoiding smoking will help a long way in controlling acid reflux problems and other health conditions as well. Thus, try your best to quit smoking and save yourself from the acid reflux and other health problems.
  • Avoid too much caffeine: Are you an avid tea or coffee sipper or do not consume too much of either. Both tea and coffee contain too much caffeine and cause heartburn. Not only this, but carbonated drinks also aggravate the acid reflux condition. Always go for healthy and uncarbonated and decaffeinated drinks to soothe yourself from the problem of acid reflux.
  • Control Weight: Gaining too much weight is not suitable for health. It is also one of the reasons for acid reflux. Often too much weight leads to a change of body structure and while sitting or bending or doing any other physical activity pressure is created on the lower side of the esophagus. This pressure on the lower side of the esophagus leads to drifting of acid from the stomach to the food pipe. Thus, better to keep a watch on your weight to avoid the problem of acid reflux.

If we do these lifestyle modifications, we can easily control the problem of acid reflux. However, we always suggest you seek the help of a doctor if the problem persists or symptoms are severe. Proper medication, along with these lifestyle changes, will increase the speed of recovery. These lifestyle changes will also help you in other diseases like controlling diabetes, blood pressure, or other lifestyle diseases.

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