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What to do when Piles Symptoms are found

by Henry
What to do when Piles Symptoms are found

Oh shit, you have piles; these are also known as swollen veins. Usually, these are inside of the lower rectum and anus. Many factors cause this, and increased pressure is top of the list. In Singapore, adults are still facing these issues, and this is frustrating and painful. If you still have this kind of issue or you are facing the symptom that we have mentioned below, then you might need a General surgeon in Singapore. This is because it is becoming very common in Singapore, and this looks hectic among adults. There are symptoms, as other diseases have; just look at them.

Symptoms of the piles or Hemorrhoids
  • You might have a lump that is very much pain full; it is specifically spotted near the anus
  • It might be uncomfortable for you and create pain around your anus
  • It could be bleeding, and you can find this in toilet tissue paper
  • Blood during movement
  • Itching in anal and around anal could be one of the reasons for piles
  • Irritation and pain around the anal

Add to this; there are two types of piles; internal and external. Internal piles of hemorrhoids are just inside of the rectum, and they are not much visible to you. You can't see them as this is a very sensitive part of your body. There is less chance of pain, but you can feel bleeding when its outer surface is damaged. Its treatment is possible, and doctors can push it through the anal openings. Contrary to this, external hemorrhoids are painful and can be seen easily. This is like a hard lump and painful. It also bleeds when rubbed due to the movement. It is just like swelling near the anus.

So, if you have any of the above symptoms, you need to consult a pile surgeon near you. Otherwise, its pain could be more itching and leads to much frustration. Getting to know about such symptoms is a threat to you, and it could be hemorrhoids.

Here are the causes of the hemorrhoids

If you have no symptoms, that is good. Still, you need to know about the causes of hemorrhoids. Such causes will restrain you from any symptoms and disease. When the pressure is increased, a few of your veins get stretched, and it makes a lump. But why the pressure is increased and cause the generation of the piles. Here are a few suggested reasons by the expert surgeons of the piles in Singapore.

Obesity, actually it is the root cause of all diseases, not only piles but all.

  • During pregnancy, the pressure gets increased
  • Due to the anal intercourse
  • Long sitting in the toilet
  • Constipation

Avoid all these things; no symptoms would be found in you. These are the major causes that might cause piles. Remember, precautions are better than cure, and it would also save you from surgery. All Singaporean doctors suggest first avoid the causes.

Here is little prevention, other than a doctor for the adults

Getting on the soft stool is prevention; most of the time, hard stools can be more devastating for you. Softs stools are the best for you, and such stools reduce the strain amount. Still, you can use much prevention other than this that would help you in letting it go.

  • By drinking a huge amount of water, you can retain the softness of the stools
  • Try to reduce the pressure on the veins that are inside the rectum, this would increase the pressure, and you can restrain yourself through piles
  • Reduces the strains
  • Early passing of the bowel movement

These are the basic preventions that you need to follow. For more help, consult with a doctor or surgeon in Singapore. It depends upon your situation, at the beginning you can follow the precautions, later on, you might need a doctor, if you are not cured.

Looking for a doctor for your piles or hemorrhoids

Piles are very common in Singapore first, you should follow the precautions. If you have to bleed, then you might need to go to the doctor immediately as this blood can cause many other problems and changes in your body. This blood can be a cause of cancer, so your priority should be the doctor consultant. You can rely on a family or good piles surgeon in Singapore. The doctor could let you know either the situation is grim, serious, or controllable. You might also need some gastroenterologist and colonoscopy later on. Add to this; a stool occult test might also be required.

Doctors might provide you the creams, medication, and other treatments on the first visit. Sometimes, the surgeon performs their surgical procedures and cures you of the piles. Sometimes, they also advised you to control it by the regular use of exercise, high-fiber foods eating, using ice for the swelling, and retain the cleanliness of the anal on a daily or hourly basis.

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