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6 Ways to Reinvent your Kraft Paper Board

by Erickson
6 Ways to Reinvent your Kraft Paper Board

Kraft paper board is widely being used as it caters to the needs of a variety of items, offering them the most compatible yet promising physical appearance. This material is tough and accommodates in creating packaging solutions to accommodate delicate, heavyweight, edible, and non-edible items in the best ways possible. It is lightweight and comes in handy for people to carry it around it anywhere and anytime. This material is brown in nature, but with PMS and CMYK color schemes, vibrancy is added for a fantasy touch to the sight. Also, labeling assists in putting across trivial yet important messages effectively. With its biodegradable nature, any irregularities in temperature are unlikely to cause any damage to it. It is water-making, which makes it reliable as a packaging solution for items that need protection from water contact. Also, it is eco-friendly making and poses no harm to the environment in any way.

Kraft paper board is ideal for various applications. With its considerable features, it feeds all the requirements suitable for it to be transformed into some relevant packaging solutions. With its flexible nature, it is molded into a packaging that does not only add value to the item encased inside but also assures its consistency in terms of the item’s quality until it reaches its final destination. Let’s list down the packaging ideas for this material.

Food Packaging
Food items are the best when served fresh. For that matter, they need packaging that keeps their texture intact till they reach their final destination. Kraft paper board is made from sustainable material like Kraft Stock that offers total protection to the edibles from any intensity in atmospheric conditions. This attribute assists in keeping the edibles fresh and free from any unnecessary moisture that causes harm to their texture and quality. Food businesses need to skip the worry of their edibles getting damaged or losing their quality before their consumption.

Food Packaging

Beverage Packaging
With the worry of spillage comes suspicion associated with packaging. People require packaging that comes in handy and provides convenience in handling their liquids without any fear of spillage and mess. For that matter, this material is used to make packaging for beverages like coffee, tea, sodas, and more. Businesses use this material to make disposable cups and glasses to be used for beverages. These disposable utensils can be easily carried from one place to the other without the fear of leakage.

Cosmetic Packaging
With the rapid increase in the beauty, sector businesses are looking for some attractive and unique packaging ideas to encase their items. This material is used in making cosmetic packaging that tends to add value to the inside items in the best ways possible. To captivate customer’s eyes, this packaging is fancied with various add ones like PVC sheets, raised inks, gold or silver foiling, gloss and matte laminations, and die-cut windows. These add-ons draw maximum customer attention that leads to higher sales. Customer’s sensations are triggered by the vibrant color schemes used on the packaging for livelihood. Due to the artistic nature of the items inside the packaging, it is graced with some amazing color combinations.

Cosmetic Packaging

Hardware Packaging
Hardware needs careful handling at times. This lightweight packaging has the ability to hold heavyweight items efficiently. Hardware like computer systems, electronics, and machinery demands safety from the point of manufacturing until the point of sales. For that matter, this packaging provides all-time protection from the items. Also, it is imprinted with labels to rightfully guide customers regarding the usage of items. These labels consist of product specifications to assist customers in making the right purchase decisions.

Gift Packaging
This material is used to make packaging that perfectly grace your happy events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. This packaging gives the recipient an overwhelming experience while unboxing. Coatings of Spot UV can be used to add a fantasizing touch to the packaging. This packaging is a perfect combination of joy and surprise and tends to make your loved one feel special. It adds a spark to events like birthday parties with their fancied physical appearance.

Medicine Packaging
Medicine requires a packaging solution that takes good care of that medicine. The material that goes into making this packaging is totally biodegradable and water-proof. This packaging protects the medicine from any unnecessary moisture that might not be suitable for the medicine inside. Also, it is imprinted with brand names, logos, slogans, and mission and vision statements that assist businesses in creating their brand’s awareness. Customers also require the right guidance regarding the right medicine for their health issues. This is why this packaging is imprinted with all the directions of medicine usage and its purposes to keep customers informed.

With all the benefits associated with the use of Kraft paper board is quite safe to conclude that there is no better material that goes into producing the best packaging solutions for products. With its affordable nature and top quality attributes, it gives customers the best value for money and allows businesses to reach their point of optimization.

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