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Reason Why .Net Framework Is the Most Desirable Framework in 2021

by Kevin
Reason Why .Net Framework Is the Most Desirable Framework in 2021

.NET is the kind of technology that can build websites and web apps that helps businesses to reach their desired goals. This framework needs no introduction among its users. It is the ideal platform for all tech companies. This framework helps integrate MVC structure, and web API. .NET framework also helps in the full transformation and presents features that help develop API for web applications by Brainvire.

What Is a .Net Framework?

.Net is a developer forum that comprises programming language, libraries, and tools for constructing various applications. The .Net framework is a product of Microsoft which would operate on the Windows Platform. The first version was launched in 2002 named .NET framework 1.0. This framework has come a long way since its inception; the current version is 4.7.1.

The .NET framework can be employed to construct web applications and Form-based apps. It is also used to develop web services and supports several programming languages like C# and Visual Basics. Developers can prefer any language to build the required app.

Types of .NET Processes for Developers


Such .NET developments are very crucial for the construction of small, smart, and dynamic applications. What’s good about this type of development is that it requires fewer lines of code compared to MVC patterns, but provides more control to the programmer.

Web Pages

Webpages are a great way for newer developers to work on PHP with HTML. Since .NET doesn't require a lot of coding, beginners can develop web pages with the framework with Rapid application movement.


The MVC architecture makes the work of a developer extremely easy. With this architecture, users can code, compile, and test any aspect of development, which helps to increase efficiency. Developers need not be very concerned about ViewState and post back again and again.

Advantages Developers Have with .Net Framework

Easy Development and Language Support

At the moment, .NET supports 44 languages, which gives developers the freedom to choose any that they want their applications in. Plus, it can be deployed very easily, and includes library classes, and brings many resources related to the development.


The present developers who work on .NET will know how fast and reliable the framework actually is. Plus, what it offers more is that it is capable of producing responsible results. So, with the entirely flexible process and better dynamics, the user-experience is boosted to a whole different level.


Considering the fact that the .NET framework is very versatile, it is even backed with many IDE’s. However, users can use these with Microsoft Visual Studio only. Having said that, beginners and new developers will find it very difficult to work with the features and IDE’s on the .NET framework.

Platform Independence

.NET is extremely versatile and can be used to construct any type of application on any platform. The framework is completely independent and supports all kinds of platforms. For example, applications developed for mobile devices with .NET can support various operating systems, like iOS, Windows, and Android. So, there is a lot of platform independence as the framework supports almost every solution.

5 Reasons Why the .Net Framework Is Desirable in 2020

Open-source Framework

This framework is widely used because of its open-source code. The framework code is now accessible on GitHub, where everyone can contribute, review, or modify it. Plus, the .NET Core congregation is there to aid that outcome in seamless and fast app development.

All modifications and bug fixes are faster and launched regularly to not have to wait for long periods to curb the latest updates.

Secure & Reliable

The applications based on .NET are completely secure as the framework has a built-in configuration and authentication for Windows. Moreover, it also handles the runtime requests by managing and closely monitoring the process. This process basically pertains to replacing the dead requests with new ones.

Cross-platform Assistance, for Mobiles and Desktops

The .NET framework operates on Windows only, but apps and tools constructed using it can fully function on other platforms like macOS, Linux, and Windows. This framework also features Visual Studio IDE that enables developers to construct web apps on any OS of their choice and accomplish project coalition.

.NET features autonomous installation packaging and cross-platform compatibility. This is a robust framework to formulate cutting-edge web apps.

Outstanding Performance

Outstanding performance is one of the most crucial aspects of.NET framework. .NET supports in developing easy-to-maintain, reusable and productive codes.

Plus, new ideas, quicker clearance cycles, or upgrades related to memory and space allotment makes it an ideal open-source framework for IoT, mobile, and cloud apps.


The .NET framework offers advantages to end-users as well as developers. End-users get feature-rich applications with an instinctive user experience. Developers and web designers attain dynamic attributes to construct websites with ease.

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