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How eCommerce Web Design Solutions Can Increase Conversions

by Mansi
How eCommerce Web Design Solutions Can Increase Conversions

Are you planning to go digital in the new year? If you don't have an online web store to sell your products, then the new year is the best time to take the first step towards your online presence. Bespoke eCommerce solutions can ensure your business growth online and increase the number of your customers.

A perfect high-performing e-commerce web design can ensure more conversions thus giving your business a chance to capture a bigger chunk of the audience and in turn a larger market share. Your return on investment too would be more.

Here we have rounded up some tips that can help you increase conversions on your web store.

Landing Pages help showcase your Products & increase Traffic
If you want to increase traffic on your e-commerce website, try to create as many landing pages as you can to showcase your products. This will ensure that your customers can explore the variety easily and get a great online shopping experience. All your landing pages must be designed in alignment with your web store's design theme. This will impress users and at the same time, your site will look consistent and stunning. KOL Ltd offers customized eCommerce web designing solutions. They have the expertise to create a high-performance web store as per your requirements.

Include Recommended, Best Sellers & Related Products
You need to understand a buyer's psychology. If you will feature recommended, best sellers and related products on each page of the shopping cart, the customers might end up buying more products. This is the best tip you can follow to improve conversions on your e-commerce web store. You can gauge the performance in the analytics section and keep an eye on how this change is helping in more conversions.

Offer Hassle-Free Navigation
Your users must not get confused while exploring your website. Your e-commerce website should offer easy navigation so that the customers can go from one section to another without any confusion. This will ensure that your users would not quit your online store without buying because of complicated navigation. It is the key element of a web store and can make or mar your online store. Focus on your users' convenience if you want to retain them and convert them.

Customer Support or Chatbot
You must have 24/7 customers support. You can include a chatbot feature on your website. This way your customers can interact with your staff and chat immediately in case they are facing any issue or have any query regarding any product. This will increase conversions and help in your business growth. So, including the features of online chat and a customer care number on your web store will go a long way.

Understand your users' behaviour
Analytics is crucial to understand your users' behavior. Analyze the search queries on your website as well as on search engines. Check out the bounce rate and abandonment rate, this will help you to understand your users' behavior. Don't forget to check the conversion rate. Use this information to enhance your e-commerce web store.

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