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A Guide To Finding A Rental Flat in Hyderabad City

by Henry
A Guide To Finding A Rental Flat in Hyderabad City

Certainly, Hyderabad is one of the fastest developing cities in the country. Apart from its culture, it is widely known for its contribution to total drug production and the IT sector. Many individuals relocate to this city because of transfers or new job employment opportunities. It is also considered to be the most favourable place to reside. If you are looking for 1 BHK in Hyderabad for rent, then the following content will guide you towards an easy move to the city.

Cost of living in the city of Hyderabad
Out of many factors, the most crucial one is the average cost of living in the city. When compared to many other cities of India, the average cost of living in Hyderabad is lower. It was recorded 10% lower in Hyderabad than in Bangalore. If you take a rental flat in the centre of the city, then the rent will cost around Rs 12000 to 15000 which is far reasonable to many big cities.

Choosing rental flat
While choosing a rental flat at the most appropriate location is another most factor that the tenant has to consider. The following key points must be taken care of while deciding about the location:

  • Commutation- For daily commutation, we look for a public transportation system and the infrastructure of the city. Thankfully, Hyderabad is known for its organized public transportation system and well-maintained buses, autorickshaw, and metro trains. The infrastructural facility such as flyovers are also well built and provide for easy commutation daily. Considering this factor, it is recommended that the tenant must take a rental flat within 5 to 6 Kms of his workplace.
  • Convenience stores and other facilities- From the normal grocery store to luxury items, Hyderabad has all kinds of shopping places for its customers. It also has malls and supermarkets to provide for varied customers' needs. While looking for a rental flat, the tenant must also consider that his place must be located near the convenience stores.
  • Food restaurants- Hyderabad is also known for its amazing food cuisine. Every new migrant faces trouble regarding food in his early days of arrival to the city. So, you must check if the locality has a good restaurant. This would be helpful for the youngster who lives alone in the flat and works late at their offices.

Furnished or unfurnished flat
Another major decision required on the part of the tenant is whether he wants a furnished or unfurnished flat. Well, the cost of a fully furnished flat is generally higher than the unfurnished ones. And if you are looking for a furnished flat, then it is tough to find a place which meets all your needs and also stays within your budget. Hyderabad is plenty of options for both furnished and unfurnished flats. Once you are clear with what you require, you would be able to screen out several options and find the one that suits your taste and preferences. So, the tenant can choose anyone between the two options and find the accommodation options accordingly.

Inspections before moving in the rental flats
Once you get the most suitable flat as per your needs, it is important to make thorough inspections before moving into the same. Careful examination of the flat- Before moving into the flat, the owner must carry out a thorough inspection of the flat premises such as bathrooms, balcony, floors tiles, switchboards, walls paints, etc. If there are any shortfalls that he wants to get fixed, then he must bring them under the notice of the landlord.

  • Agreement- before signing the rental agreement it is really important on the part of the tenant that he goes through the same thoroughly. The tenant must check different clauses such as rent, repair and maintenance, and other expenses. If he finds anything not favourable to his terms, then he should immediately bring the matter to the landlord and negotiate about the same.
  • Rules and regulations imposed by the society-Since you are going to live along with many other neighbours in the society, so it becomes crucial on your part to abide by all the rules and regulations imposed by society. These rules are generally made considering late-night parties, pets, bringing opposite-gender friends, etc. DO read all such rules and regulations carefully and abide by the same. However, if you have any doubt regarding the same then you must ask the landlord and get your confusions cleared. These are the few points that the tenant must not ignore while taking his 1 BHK flat on rent in Hyderabad.

Finally move to your place
After making sure that everything is being carefully considered and the flat is properly inspected and ensured, the tenant can finally stop his house-hunting process and move into his new place. However, he must forget to take all the keys to the rental flat from the landlord and the repairs team. This will allow him to have privacy at his place.

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