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Best Android and iOS games you should play

by Bhupender
Best Android and iOS games you should play

A selection of the best action games on Android and iOS is on the air. Let's go and check out the list for best android and iOS games.

CSR Racing 2
The sixth place is taken by a game called CSR Racing 2, the continuation of the well-known game. In the new part, you will find impressive graphics, new cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc., and the ability to play online over the network with friends. Also in the game, you can form your own racing gang and compete with other teams to establish leadership in the game's ratings.

Also, racing fans will appreciate the opportunity to upgrade and improve your car. You can upgrade literally everything from the color of the car to the pressure level of the tires. The more you play, the more you get to your fleet of exclusive, licensed vehicles.

Darkness Reborn
In fifth place in today's TOP of action games, I put a very good game called Darkness Reborn. What are you going to do in this game? Of course, to protect our fragile world from the forces of darkness. You have to take on the role and control of one of three types of characters - warrior, ninja, or hunter - and bravely fight the henchmen of the main antagonist - the cursed knight.

This game is notable for the fact that it has three different modes: a single-player mode in which you go through a given company, a cooperative mode in which you are in a team of up to six people to fight enemies, as well as a PvP mode. It is also possible to pump your character.

Dead effect 2
The fourth place is occupied by the action shooter Dead Effect 2. Not a bad sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of action and role-playing game. The game has very impressive graphics by the standards of mobile devices. Moreover, all this is also absolutely free. Honestly, on mobile devices, you rarely find a free game of this level.

In the course of the game, you need to do very simple and familiar things for many gamers: shoot hordes of enemy monsters and pump your character. Among other things, the game has more than forty types of various deadly weapons, a unique system of training and character development, voiced by professional actors, and has more than 20 hours of addicting gameplay. You should check out our other Tekken 7 Tier list.

Zombie Highway 2
The honorable third place in our top is taken by the game with the self-explanatory name Zombie Highway 2. This is a kind of mixture of racing with action. The game takes place in post-apocalyptic desert locations, where you have to compete with yourself in the ability to shoot down the ubiquitous zombies on your battle vehicle. The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible and destroy as many living dead as possible.

For use on the tracks, you will have 6 new cars, 17 types of various weapons, and 10 types of sworn enemies - zombies. Each time you start the game, the track is generated randomly, which will allow you not to get bored on the familiar tracks.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus
The second place in our TOP is taken by an excellent action RPG toy - Godfire: Rise of Prometheus. I put this game in the first place for a reason, it is made at the highest level: graphics, physics, gameplay, everything is done perfectly. The game will offer you its own version of the myth about the famous hero Prometheus. But, this time Prometheus will fight with hordes of terrible monsters and other disgusting creatures.

I would like to note the very high quality and varied combat system based on the FreeFlow principle. Among other things, the game will offer us a large open world for free exploration. Combined with a well-thought-out character leveling system, this makes the game truly unique.

GTA: San Andreas
In fact, I thought for a long time whether or not to put this game in the first place among the action games of Android and iOS, but after reading several forums, we ask familiar, 90% answered that they consider this game the best. I think it's not worth telling what kind of game this is, you already understood this from the first frames.

For those in the tank, the game is called GTA: San Andreas. This is a port of this legendary game for mobile devices.

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