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Everything you need to know about Electrical Muscle Stimulation

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Everything you need to know about Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrotherapy has been an excellent choice for pain management and muscle rebuilding after an injury. The treatment helps people in stimulating nerves or muscles for pain and tension. Physiotherapists usually include TENS and EMS therapy as it enhances the comfort of their patients. The machine alleviates muscle tension and pain to function better during the treatments. You can also find personal EMS machines in the markets designed for individuals to help with recovery and pain management at home.

The demand for EMS devices is surging regularly, and people are on the quest to find the best EMS device with TENS features. You will find plenty of devices in the market, but it is crucial to find an effective unit. Consider some critical factors like reliability, effectiveness, and convenience while selecting the device. Individuals sometimes buy cheap electrotherapy machines that come with hazards like shocks and irritations.

How does an EMS unit with TENS features work
When users are searching for the best EMS devices, understanding the difference between EMS and TENS treatment therapy is crucial. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation utilizes low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate nerves.

You can use electrical nerve stimulation in the TENS machine to alleviate pain under the "Gate Control Theory" of pain management. The endorphin levels can also be increased with TENS therapy which comforts the patients during the treatment.

When it comes to EMS, electrotherapy predominantly focuses on muscles and causes contraction in the muscle belly. Muscle contraction benefits people who actively indulge in fitness training and individuals during injury recovery.

With an EMS machine, the muscle tension is alleviated, and you will find pain relief post the workout session. If you are in the market to buy the best EMS device with TENS features, determine why you are purchasing the device. As EMS devices are helpful for athletes and patients, the features can be slightly different.

Features to consider when buying an EMS unit
An individual must consider various things when investing in an EMS unit and they are specified below.

Intensity controls
In choosing the electrical stimulation intensity, you will find various strengths in EMS units. The users have complete control in selecting the intensity level that alleviates their pain. However, the range differs from one brand to another, and you need to buy the machine from a trusted vendor. Consult the physician or physical therapist to verify whether the current intensity level would be ideal for alleviating your pain.

Treatment time
EMS units come with predefined treatment times during which your pain will be alleviated, and the device automatically stops functioning if the treatment is complete. For instance, some EMS devices have a half-hour run time for treatment. So, buy a device that provides the right treatment time as per your requirements.

You need to analyze how EMS units are powered, which is a crucial factor to consider before making a purchase. If you are looking for cost-effective options, battery-powered devices are the best choice. There are some benefits as you don't have to wait until the device gets fully charged to function. Rechargeable devices are quite expensive but cut the cost in the long run. Both the ways have pros and cons, so it is ultimately your choice.

Wrapping up
EMS units are the best to relieve pain and also cause muscle contractions. Finding the best EMS device with the TENS feature might seem difficult. However, your only task is to find a reliable medical equipment manufacturer, and you can buy a quality EMS device effortlessly.

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