Home Ideas Homeowners These Are the 6 Types of Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know About

Homeowners These Are the 6 Types of Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know About

by Henry
Homeowners These Are the 6 Types of Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know About

A bathroom vanity will provide you with a comfortable spot for storing items and for placing a sink. In many cases, bathroom vanities are designed to have an elaborate and classy look. But to have a quality bathroom vanity, you must research what exactly you are installing. There are various bathroom vanities available, from traditional, modern, and freestanding 750mm bathroom vanity.

These styles are not only appealing but also fully functional. Regardless of what vanity style you choose, bear in mind that it must have high-quality materials to ensure it will last for the long term.

Pedestal sink
A pedestal sink is otherwise known as a freestanding sink. It does not have a storage space around its body, but it does come with a compelling look that adds elegance and class to any bathroom. It complements any bathroom style and goes along with anything you want to create.

A pedestal sink can also be adjusted with many different add-ons to make it stand out. You can incorporate a rack or other accessory onto the body of your sink, but you must check how it fits your unit prior to installing them.

A freestanding style is designed with the functional features of a pedestal sink but has a square or rectangular look. Also, it supports up to two sinks in a spot. Freestanding sinks are available in wide-ranging designs, finishes, and sizes such as 750mm bathroom vanity. Wood is typically used on most of these vanities, although ceramic can be fit on the top area.

Wall-mounted or floating vanities
A wall-mounted vanity is mounted on the wall of your bathroom. It is a great space saver. In addition, it is not necessary to have it connected directly to the floor. But it would help if you took precautions on how you plan on using it. It can be damaged by forces weighing on the surface. Too much pressure can cause the vanity to detach from the wall and cause damage to your bathroom.

The vessel type is something you probably encountered in fancy restaurants and hotel lobbies. This type of vanity utilizes a rising bowl around the sink area. It juts out actually from the main body of the vanity and is connected to its individual tap. There are storage areas on the bottom area. It is a terrific choice, but it can take up considerable real estate in your bathroom.

Under-mount style
An under-mount vanity utilizes a basin installed directly inside of the vanity. It creates a refined and modern aesthetic to the vanity since it results in a flatter appearance. In some cases, a slight riser can be designed around the outside edges of the basin to create a unique look. It creates a stunning effect. But the under-mounted style keeps the vanity from having plenty of storage compared to other choices. But it may be worth it since this trade-off results in a nice and refined overall design.

Vanity cabinet
The vanity cabinet is designed with several pullout doors similar to a traditional kitchen cabinet. It has an attractive classic design and creates a pleasant aesthetic when used in the right setting. It is a suitable basic option for your bathroom design since the lines of this style are simple and not too complicated.

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