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The Lab Created Diamonds

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The Lab Created Diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds are manmade gems whose chemical compositions and physical properties are identical to naturally occurring diamonds. The most commonly accepted process of creating lab-grown diamonds is a process called chemical vapour deposition or CVD. In the CVD process, carbon - the main element in natural diamond is forced out of gas and form into a hard, crystalline layer on a substrate of choice. A diamond's value depends most on its colour and clarity, which determines how unlikely it is to get damaged or scratched. The colour of a lab-grown diamond ranges from D to Z in the GIA's colour grading system, with D being almost colourless (pure white) and Z being very strongly tinted yellow or brown.

Lab-grown diamonds have many of the same characteristics as natural mined diamonds. Their physical properties are almost identical to those of naturally mined diamonds, and their chemical compositions are also almost identical. The only real differences between lab-grown and manmade gems are their origins and growth patterns. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a lab by pushing carbon in gaseous form into a substrate. A natural diamond, on the other hand, is created naturally over millions of years inside the Earth as carbon is forced under immense heat and pressure into the centre of an existing geode.

Buy lab-created diamond from India
Creating beautiful jewellery that is crafted with today's modern gemstone trends, Buy CVD diamond offer you an array of styles to reflect your personal style. Choose a stone that best matches your mood for a truly individual design. Wide selection of lab-created diamonds in stock and ready to ship means you'll find the diamond of your dreams at a lab-grown diamonds manufacturer in India. Lab-created diamonds are created using heat and pressure-resistant substrate called silicon carbide. In the process of creating lab-created diamonds, the silicon carbide begins as a high purity substrate made of extremely hard material. The substrate is placed into a chamber that is filled with pure carbon gas. The chamber is then heated to temperatures between 1500 and 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the gas to turn into a plasma state, which also causes it to release its electrons. The plasma is then drawn to the surface of the substrate. This causes the substrate to chemically bond with carbon from the gas to form a single diamond crystal or crystal cluster.

Why lab-created Diamonds
In general, CVD diamond is cheaper than mined diamonds. In addition to that, it has greater availability than mined diamonds. The CVD synthetic diamond process itself takes less time as compared to the natural process of mining a diamond. A natural diamond formed over millions of years inside the Earth, but a lab-grown diamond can be created within few hours with a cost that is an order of magnitude lower than natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are often preferred for their stunning shine and fire, not to mention an unmatched beauty and perfection. Lab-created diamonds can be created in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes that replicate natural gemstones and are of the same hardness. They also have the capability to be set into jewellery so that they can be used for engagement rings and wedding bands.

Lab-created diamond manufacturers from India
The CVD process creates diamonds that are indistinguishable from mined diamonds. In fact, they are often preferred over natural diamonds due to their affordability. In addition to that, lab-created diamonds are much more environmentally friendly as they do not have to be mined out of the ground and can be created in a few hours, making them more efficient than natural diamonds. The best part is that there is a wide variety of CVD diamond manufacturers from India that offer lab-created diamonds at very competitive prices. The growth in the CVD diamond market has been very significant, and the new emerging brands in India are offering some of the best bangs for your buck. It is important to note that laboratory diamonds are not only cheaper than mined diamonds, but they also have a better aesthetic appeal and more beauty points than their natural counterparts.

Price of lab-created diamonds
Lab-created diamonds are generally cheaper than mined diamonds because you don't have to worry about getting the diamond from the mines. They can be made in a lab in just a matter of hours and depending upon your budget, and you can even customize the shape, size and colour of your diamond ring. CVD diamond manufacturers from India are making it easier for customers to have customized engagement rings manufactured in less than eight weeks with a price that is almost half of what mined diamonds cost. CVD diamond manufacturers have worked hard to bring down the cost of lab-created diamonds, and now you can have a beautiful diamond ring that costs as much or even less than a mined diamond. These lab-created stones are almost indistinguishable from natural diamonds, which means the girl of your dreams will believe you when you say that she's the one for you. You'll love gazing into her eyes and gazing at her dazzling ring!

The Future Market of Lab Created Diamonds in India
India provides many opportunities for the growth and development of the diamond industry, including the world's largest markets for diamond trade. The demand for lab-created diamonds is increasing in India, and the CVD market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.4% per year to $1 billion by 2014. CVD crystal manufacturers are creating high-quality lab-created diamonds that have as much beauty and value as natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds were previously only available to the wealthy, but the cost and availability have made it possible for everyone to own one. Many jewellers are assisting customers with the right information along with a wide selection of lab-created diamonds in India. The best part about lab-grown diamonds is that they are almost identical to mined stones, which make them perfect for an engagement ring or wedding band. In India, the CVD process creates one of the highest quality lab-created diamonds, which are almost indistinguishable from mined diamonds.

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