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Why is THC O Trending This Summer

by Henry
Why is THC O Trending This Summer

For most cannabis lovers, the news of something three times stronger than THC cannabinoids may be straight up enticing, exciting, or amusing. Others may be bemusing or absurd. Either way, this piece of information will trigger excitement among all. This new cannabinoid is supposed to be more powerful, potent, and more in demand. It has been already trending all summer. THC acetate ester, also known as THC O, produces more sedating effects and is not produced naturally. The compound was discovered and developed a long time ago, but the popularity of vaping and CBDs paved the way for THC O to shine.

What is THC O
THC O is a synthetic analog (a chemical twin) of THC that does not occur as a natural compound. It gets manufactured with contemporary cannabis technologies with the help of a series of extractions performed successfully. CBD contains less than 0.3% THC hemp, and delta-8 THC comes from the CBD. It gets added to the organic solvent acetic anhydride. Eliminating all the terpenes and flavonoids, leaving behind a flavorless and odorless THC isolate with polarizing potency.

THC O shares similarities with edibles and gummies. Although the roots of the compound go back a long time, it has been introduced into the market recently. THC O takes a long time to metabolize in the body before its effects are activated. It also offers more psychedelic psychoactivity than any other cannabinoids. Users call the product a “spiritual cannabinoid” because the human body absorbs THC O acetate more than conventional THC. Some users also claimed that it takes longer for the cannabinoid to kick in, ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Why and How does Marijuana Consumption Hikes During Summer
Research revealed that marijuana use increases throughout the year, with use up 13 percent on average at the end of each year compared to the beginning. It goes until the date of the new year. As the calendar progresses toward the end, the consumption of cannabis products also increases. These trends of seasonal changes occur independently and are indifferent to gender, race, ethnicity, or education level. A hypothesis for these trends relies on summers that offer more idle time and more social activities, including fests, outdoor dance parties, and festivals. These social gatherings tend to be hotspots of people in love with cannabis.

These social gatherings help newcomers and old veterans to get their hands on the best in the market, which subsequently stretches till the year-end. Other factors for such trends include a lower supply of cannabis harvests in the winter season and colder weather, usually keeping people inside. Recreational use of cannabis is exponentially growing with time. Many consumers hail from the state that lives marijuana free. The new year resolutions of not drinking alcohol, not smoking cigarettes, and marijuana are also strong contenders in the downfall of cannabis consumption during the beginning of the year. Although, there are no harmful effects of cannabis consumption.

Various ways to Consume THC O
There are many ways to consume THC O. Each product differs in onset time, duration of the effect, and method of consumption. Below we have discussed some of these methods in detail.

THC O Distillate - A THC O Distillate or dabs is a popular method for consuming cannabinoids. THC O distillate is a black-colored product resembling resin with an oily texture.

THC O Gummies - THC O gummies are one of the popular ways to consume CBD, Delta 9, Delta 8, and THC O. Users prefer these gummies because of their sweet taste and ease of consumption. Another reason users gravitate towards gummies is that they are very portable and discrete.

THC-O-Tinctures- THO-O-based Tinctures are distillates combined with a carrier oil, so the end product is a fat-soluble that is easy to digest, and metabolize quickly. This method does not involve smoking, which eliminates the possibility of lung damage.

THC O Vape Carts - Vape carts are also known as cartridges, which offer a way to inhale cannabinoid extracts. The pros of using vape carts are that they are portable, easy to use, and very convenient.

What makes THC O so Special
THC O has distinctive chemical properties that give it an edge against other cannabinoids. These chemical properties interact differently with the endocannabinoid receptors- responsible for processing the flow of energy in our body. It means THC O has a slightly different shape leading to enhanced effects.

Lab tests show that THC O is 300 times stronger than a regular THC. All this percentage increase is due to a tiny acetate molecule. That single molecule enhances the overall potency of the element. THC O is also fat-soluble, meaning that it takes less time for the compound to interact with the body and show its effects.

What is the Dosage of THC O
The right dose of THC O depends on a few varying factors such as weight, height, metabolism, and other personal considerations. Since THC O is relatively new and is growing in popularity, the exact extent of doses is unknown. As with most cannabinoid expectations, the best dosing method is to go slow and gradually build your way up to a larger dosage to feel comfortable. Here is how THC O dosage interacts with the body -

In limited dosage (0.5mg smoked or 3 mg oral) - A mild psychoactive effect comes with a light dose.

In moderate doses (1-3 mg smoked or 3-10 mg oral) - There will be common psychoactive effects.

In higher effects (5mg smoked or 10 mg+ oral) - High psychoactive effects and Psychedelic effects.

With all being said and done, one thing is for sure THC O is here to stay, and soon it will overshadow all the other methods to create a monopoly of things. Another good news for the compound is that it has completed its development process just before summer a time after which the consumption of cannabis skyrockets. However, slight more research and studies are in line to understand the extent of this cannabinoid. Nonetheless, if you plan to get into the THC O wagon, it is recommended to go slow and gradually move your way up the ladder and enjoy.

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