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When one traces the history of shoemaking as an art, it dates back to Mesopotamia around 5,500 years ago! Here, people used to wear shoes made of leather and sheepskin as hunting animals was a significant activity apart from agriculture.

Today, that nascent form of shoemaking has transformed into an entire footwear market solely dedicated to upscale footwear. Aussies are believed to use different types of beach sandals owing to their love for the beaches. However, the Australian market has several varieties and is considerably profitable as well. From Arche shoes in NZ to leather derbies in Perth, the quality and make are stunning!

The footwear industry collects annual revenue of close to $3800 million as of 2021! It is definitely popular retail and carries more variety for women than men. The Australian Bureau of Statistics research shows that at least 3 out of 5 women have more than five pairs of footwear in their possession!

Another fact is the clothing variety. While dressing according to the occasion is necessary, so is matching shoes! Nobody will want to wear a flip flop with an LBD! That is why there are many designs and styles in the women’s footwear market.

The need for footwear by occasions Fashion and footwear alike have transgressed the boundaries of age, gender, and sex today; certain outfits are designed to suit certain events. For example, one would not wear loungewear to an office meeting because it is not part of the dress code and is not socially approved!

At the same time, one wouldn’t wear crocs on a date! The point of dressing according to the occasion is that it allows one to create an excellent first impression. There is no shortage in variety as well. If one visits New Zealand (which has a market price of $490 million!), one can find over 584 footwear retailers to purchase from!

Types of Shoes
Many services like Arche Shoes NZ offer over 70 types of footwear as of 2021. This list is inclusive of the local Aussie variations and DIY styles. Although there are many styles in the market, the type of footwear is decided by the topographical quality and the weather.

The former refers to the terrain. For example, an individual might find it challenging to wear stilettos on rocky terrain. The latter refers to the season. Faux boots are more suitable for winter conditions than beach sandals! Since the feet play a vital role in regulating body temperature, making a wise yet stylish choice is important. There are several shoes that one needs to have in their possession. Here’s a list specially curated for the Aussies:

Arche Boots: These are French-inspired boots made of high-quality soft, grainy leather designed to provide a unique level of comfort, quality, and endurance during the winters. These boots range from $200 to $400 and can be worn even in the autumn due to their thin leather make.

Ugg Boots: These boots are an Aussie favourite. Earlier made from sheepskin, these boots offer insulation during winter. They are available in a variety of colours and fun patterns. Nowadays, these boots are being manufactured with plant-based, vegan fabric.

Flip-flops: Flip-flops are go-to footwear that everyone needs to own. These can be worn to the beach or for a quick run to the supermarket. Flip-flops come in various funky patterns and colours to match one’s vibe!

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