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5 Kitchen Bench Tops to Consider For Your Home Renovation

by Henry
5 Kitchen Bench Tops to Consider For Your Home Renovation

Whether you plan to build a new house or renovate the existing one, it is crucial to focus on the kitchen! It is the 'heart of the home' where you spend a lot of time. However, deciding on kitchen bench tops can be based on their functionality. Apart from the budgetary constraints, you also must focus on maintaining the visual impact. Kitchen renovation depends on the space available and other amenities in the kitchen. If you are confused about which countertop material to pick, here are 5 options to get you started.

Granite for the Unique Finish
Granite is probably one of the most versatile countertop materials you will come across. Each piece is unique with self-made patterns. With its elegant look, it will emerge as the focal point of your kitchen.

Additionally, Granite is highly durable and will cost less than the synthetic solid-surface bench tops. However, you will have to repeatedly seal it to prevent stain and scratch marks.

Marble for the Classy Aesthetics
Marble is often treated synonymously with luxury. After all, it requires a ton of maintenance and costs a pretty penny. However, a few options match its timeless beauty and grace. Like Granite, each piece is one of a kind and immediately draws attention.

It is also heat resistant and an ideal material for the kitchen countertop. However, you will have to be mindful of the spills as Marble can be a little unforgiving. It can chip or stain easily.

Laminates for the Colour Variety
If you are planning for something more budget-friendly yet offering a wide variety of designs, you can go for the laminates. These countertops are also available in marble or stone lookalikes and resemble the original material completely.

Also, laminated bench tops offer a smooth finish. Therefore, you can easily wipe away any spillages without compromising on quality. Additionally, the laminated surface is more prone to warmth and offers limited reflectiveness.

Engineered Stone for the Artistic Finish
Engineered stone is also popularly known as quartz in the market. It is made of quartz granules, glass chips, or marble dust mixed in a polyester or resin base. This material offers multiple colours and design patterns, thus offering your kitchen a more artistic look.

Engineered stone is less porous. Hence, you don't have to seal it regularly or spend a ton on maintenance.

Timber for the Welcoming Aesthetic
If you are looking for something more environment-friendly, choose timber table tops for your kitchen. It will offer more warmth by adding a natural wood charisma to your space. This material gels well with either a modern or traditional look.

For durability and easy maintenance, timber benchtops are considered an ideal option. You can also choose to go with wooden or lookalike cabinets to maintain uniformity in the look.

Home renovation is hectic! Especially when you are looking for a budget-friendly, durable option that goes along with the latest interior decoration trends. Kitchen bench tops are perhaps one of the most crucial parts to pay close attention to. Apart from the design, colour, and pattern, you also need to focus on its material. Currently, you will find multiple countertop materials like engineered stone, laminates, Granite, Marble, etc., for your home. Based on the quality and durability, you can easily pick the right option for your home!

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