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5 things to know about AllScripts EMR

by Kaiden
5 things to know about AllScripts EMR

About Allscripts EMR

Allscripts EMR has been around for a while, the company itself was founded in 1981 in the city of Chicago in the United States of America. The company has continued to grow for several years. In 2008, it merged with Misys and in 2010, it again merged with Eclipsys. For decades the company has been on top of the EMR game and has only grown.

The company is publicly traded on the stock market and provides software for physician practices, hospitals, as well as practice management software and EHR software. The software also has products that take care of patient engagement as well as coordinate care. The company also has billing software which also takes on the analytical portion of the software. There are currently over 150,000 physicians using the software. Over 2,500 hospitals use it and 13,000 care-related practices use it as well.

So knowing how big this software is, you are probably wondering what exactly makes it so popular among users. We have outlined 5 main things that make AllScripts EMR cost worth it.

Streamlines Everyday Tasks

Allscripts EMR has a very extensive array of tools and features that cater to your every need. From e-prescription capabilities to mobile apps and clinical features that help clinicians manage their day to day tasks better; this software has it all. The software has over 800 care guides that can help you with various tasks such as making decisions and customizing your desktop. Everything related to this software aims to help you in simplifying all the processes related to your software. You can also access the software remotely due to it being deployed through cloud capabilities. You can thus stay productive wherever you may be. This software works well for any type of organization no matter how big or small. Especially those organizations that are housed in different locations since the cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere by multiple people without any issues. You can ask for an All Scripts EMR demo to confirm whether these features are well suited for you or not. We will talk more about the Allscripts EMR demo later on in this piece.

Helps you Make Things at your Practice Easier

Allscripts EMR is the perfect software for practices that are small to medium-sized. The practice can be for a physician or an ambulatory service. The software is an affordable option and aims at making things simpler for the physician. The software has a lot of tools that help in making daily tasks for the practice much simpler. The tools this software has are all integrated so that the clinical and financial aspects of the practice can be dealt with simultaneously. The software affords the clinician to both provide better quality care to their patients as well as do better in terms of finance-related aspects of their practice both for themselves and their patients.

Access to Information

Physicians using the software can easily look at their financial health without having to deal with the various complex things one has to deal with. The interface for this software is very user friendly and can be customized according to your preferences. The software allows for you to be able to manage everything quite easily. The software has an at-a-glance feature that allows you to look at everything in one glimpse. The streamlined processes and daily planning feature lets you look at all your information and expected lab results, upcoming appointments, and treatments all in one place. You can also access all these features through the mobile app. With the number of features, this software gives you access to, the AllScripts EMR cost is totally worth it.

Managing your Appointments

If you are currently finding it hard to manage all your appointments because of how many there are and how much you have to keep track of then AllScripts EMR will help you out a lot. The software is really great at managing appointments as well as making sure that it reduces the number of no-shows that you face at your medical practice. The software sends message and email reminders to patients to make sure they attend their appointments. The Allscripts EMR reviews often talk about how helpful this feature is.

Coordinating Care with Other Providers

This is one of the most important features of this software that we highly recommend you focus on when looking at the AllScripts EMR demo. The software makes sure you are connected with other practices and physicians so that you can provide your patients with better care. When you need to make a referral you can easily do so through the software. The referral takes seconds and you can send patient information and reports that you might have securely through the software as well without having to worry about breach of confidentiality. All of this takes seconds and the click of a few buttons! A lot of AllScripts EMR reviews praise this feature as well.

Final Verdict

If you have read through the various features of AllScripts EMR and are interested in knowing more about the software, we highly suggest you ask the vendor for an AllScripts EMR demo. This will help you out considerably since you will be able to see the software in action. We always recommend that people ask for a demo of the software before they commit to purchasing it because with a demo you can see it in action and make a better decision overall. Other than this, we also suggest you thoroughly read through AllScripts EMR reviews. Deciding on which EMR software to purchase for your practice is a big one and we highly recommend that you make this decision with a lot of forethought. Allscripts EMR pricing might seem like a considerable investment to you which gives you all the more reason to make a calculated decision that will be helpful to you in the long run.

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