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8 Top Rated Australian Drinks You Should Know About

by Henry
8 Top Rated Australian Drinks You Should Know About

The continent country Australia is famous for its nightlife, and they take partying seriously. There's an incredible amount to do in cities once the sun goes down. You can find dive bars and clubs even in remote places and BBQs in the outback. Sometimes, tourists feel like there's a tradeoff between experiencing the culture/nightlife and partying, but you get to do both here.

With nightlife comes drink, and Australia is famous for its exquisite drinks and parties. Some of the best drinks to try are Archie Rose Gin, Vodka, Red Wine, Mountain Gin, Espresso Martini, etc. One can try all these when they visit Australia and have a great time.

Australians indeed love bottled wine, and you can find many other drinks in bars that you must try at least once. So, read along to know the top-rated drinks in Australia.

People are crazy about Australian whisky, and there are many whisky bars you can visit. The single malt French oak whisky is a nice one to try first. It is loaded with molasses and chocolate and tastes like heaven.

Red Wine
Australia is also famous for its fine quality red wine, and there are many wine areas where they sell unique types of flavours. Red wine is available in many local shops and supermarkets, and you can even find local growers. It is one of the most popular and widely available drinks in the whole country. It is so popular that you don't have to search for it, take a look around, and you can find a place where they sell red wine.

Bundaberg Rum
Rum is a drink that's popular in all tropical countries. Most people in Australia' prefer dark Bundy rum, which is owned and produced by local sugarcane growing farmers or manufacturers.

Mountain Gin
Mountain Gin is usually made from base grains like barley or wheat, which is first fermented and then distilled. This unique drink is made from locally foraged botanicals, juniper berries or native mountain pepper berries found in Australia, and new pine needles.

Espresso Martini
Though the origin of the martini is in London, Australians have a wild romantic affair with this martini, and you’ll fall in love with it after tasting it once. Adding a calorie-rich, creamy shot of this martini is something one can't forget.

Vodka is very popular in Melbourne and is priced lower than all the other drinks. This drink is found in abundance as there are many micro-producers everywhere in the cities. It is one of the popular drinks in bars and restaurants.

Archie Rose Gin
This handcrafted gin is smooth, energetic, pine, and fresh. It also contains botanicals that balance the taste of juniper. This low-calorie drink is very supple and lively when served with soda water and ginger ale. You can also mix it with orange, mango, pineapple and cranberry.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer
If you have tasted it once, you know it well. The distinctive feature of ginger beer is the burn you experience while drinking it. The traditional ginger ale is carbonated water, and the Bundaberg ginger beer is made by fermenting and brewing the most excellent homegrown sugarcane and ginger.

These drinks are just a few of what you will find in Australian cities, and there are many you can try. Once you visit Australia, make sure you taste at least a few of these listed drinks, and you'll never regret the decision.

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