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Vocal warm-ups and training are essential if you are learning how to sing. Just like dancers stretch their body muscles before a performance, singers also have to warm their vocal cords before they perform. It is essential to warm up your vocal cords before singing in order to keep them healthy, sound your best and void any damage to your voice.

Singers realize how physically challenging this can be. It requires a lot of energy and stamina to sing and sound good. This is why just like any physical exercise, singing should and does entail a warm-up.

Numerous basic vocal exercises may be used to warm your voice. This article talks about some of the best and most effective vocal exercises you can do to keep your singing voice healthy and in tune.

Humming Warm-ups
Humming warmups are one of the easiest to accomplish, however it may be somewhat difficult to manage. Because singers are frequently able to misplace vocal positions when they do this warm-up.

Humming is one of the finest vocal warm-ups as your vocal cords do not have much tension. Set the tip of your tongue down your lower front teeth while keeping your mouth closed. Each note should sound like "hmm”

Tongue trill exercise
A tongue trill exercise may be useful as a warm-up activity to detect the muscle adjustment status, whether it's too heavy, too light, or even correct. Many individuals feel that using the tongue trill they can make nice sounds. The tongue trill functions like a lip trill. Just let your tongue loose and blow the air between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Make sure your tongue is released or else will not work. As your tongue passes through the air, the tip of the tongue rises and vibrates across the roof of your mouth.

Vocal Siren Exercise
This exercise is excellent to connect your voice in various places and ease the gap. Start with the lowest note in the range on an "ooh" syllable and gradually slide that ooh up to the highest sound. Then bring the "ooh" to the bottom. The "siren" should be calm and effortless — do not push too hard or expand your spectrum. When you practice, work for a shorter time holding the high and low notes so that the following round is smooth.

Lip buzz vocal warm-up
The lip buzzing is an efficient and fun voice workout. Sometimes referred to as "lip thrilling," this is basically the sound you might produce if you imitated the sound of a toy vehicle or an aircraft. The mouth is practically closed, the lips whirl or flap together, while the noise is produced and the air is released!

Loosening the Jaw
You want to drop your mouth lower when singing as compared to when you are speaking. Trace the jawline from your chin back to your ear with your finger. You want your jaw to fall in a curved area between your jaw and your ear. Your mouth must be closed and you should be able to feel where your jaw falls. Avoid dropping your chin.

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