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How to prepare for the GATE Computer Science Engineering exam

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How to prepare for the GATE Computer Science Engineering exam

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering exam will be screening candidates for admission in prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, etc, and job opportunities in various Public Sector Units (PSUs) like GAIL, BHEL, etc. Masters (M. Tech) in Computer Science is one of the most popular courses in the premier engineering institutes all over India. Candidates can secure admission to these institutes only through the GATE exam. Every year a large number of applicants apply for the GATE exam to secure admission in the M.Tech in Computer Science. Being one of the toughest and most in-demand M.Tech disciplines, candidates should prepare an effective strategy for the exam. With the idea of helping the GATE CS Aspirants, we have shared below the strategies to prepare for the GATE Computer Science Exam.

Familiarity with Syllabus & Exam Pattern
The first step to crack the GATE Computer Science Engineering exam is to go through the GATE CS Syllabus and the exam pattern thoroughly. Through the GATE syllabus, candidates will know the important topics to be covered and will understand the subjects in a better manner. And also it is important to have a fair idea about the exam format and marking scheme before appearing for the exam. The GATE CS Exam Pattern comprises details regarding exams like maximum marks, overall questions, exam duration, mode of exam, medium, marking scheme, and so on. If the candidates have clarity about GATE CS Exam Pattern and Syllabus, then after its completion they can focus on solving mock tests and previous year papers to score high in the exam.

Maintain Short Notes Per Subject
Maintaining notes for each subject will be beneficial to retain important details in mind. One must jot down the important concepts and formulas while studying the subject. It will be helpful at the time of revision as you will not be required to go through the entire syllabus of the subject, rather revising the notes will help recall the important points. Thus, the candidates should make sure that they keep a slot of revision in their timetable and revise the already covered topic once or twice a week to avoid any wastage of time or confusion in the future.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper
Solving Previous Year Paper is one of the best strategies to assess exam readiness and familiarity with the GATE exam. After completing the syllabus, the candidates should solve the GATE CSE Previous Year paper to know the types of questions asked every year in the exam. By doing this, they will have a rough idea about what types of questions they can expect in the upcoming exam and prepare accordingly to strengthen their preparation level. It is important to be familiar with the GATE exam standards so that there are no surprise elements for the candidates in the actual test.

Attempt Mock Tests
Candidates should attempt mock tests to assess the level of the GATE Preparation for CS and get an insight into the actual examination. They should attempt both official and unofficial mock tests to increase their familiarity with the functionality of the exam. GATE Mock Tests are designed as per the latest exam pattern similar to the actual GATE exam. Also, by attempting the mock tests candidates can enhance their speed, accuracy, and overall preparation level.

Timely Revision and Regular Practice are Key to GATE
Timely Revision and regular practice can increase the chances of the candidates to secure a high rank in the GATE CS exam. After completing the syllabus, they should revise each subject regularly and practice questions from mock tests and previous year papers as much as possible before the exam. During the revision and mock test practice, one must focus more on weak areas and give extra time in improving those sections.

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