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How can organizations have a comprehensive idea about Kotters 8 step model of change

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How can organizations have a comprehensive idea about Kotters 8 step model of change

Being clear about Kotter’s 8 step model of change is very much important for organizations in the business world because this will be based upon creating the sense of urgency that will allow the organizations to process the change very efficiently. In this particular manner, the organizations will be highly capable of strengthening the change element by anchoring the change into the culture of the organization, and being clear about the main 8 points of this particular model is important. The top points of the model are explained as

Creating the urgency: This particular concept will be based upon identification and highlighting of the potential threats as well as repercussions that could occur or crop up in the future. Examining the opportunities which can be tapped with the help of effective interventions is important and further organizations need to initiate honest discussions in this particular area so that involvement can be undertaken very easily.

Forming powerful guideline coalition: It is very much advisable for the organizations to be clear about the implementation of the powerful guidelines over here because identification of the effective change leaders in the organizations will be based upon key stakeholders who will be requesting their involvement and commitment in the whole process. Formulating a coalition in this particular area is the best way of ensuring that everyone will be working as a team and identification of the weak areas is another very important aspect to be taken into consideration in the whole process.

Developing a vision and a strategy: Determination of the core values and defining the ultimate vision in this particular area is the best way of strategizing things and realizing the changes in the organization. Further, the companies need to ensure that change leaders will be describing the vision very effectively, and in this particular manner, people will be highly capable of understanding and following things without any kind of problem.

Communicating the vision: It is very much advisable for the organization to communicate the change into the vision very powerfully and convincingly into the entire organization so that everybody can perfectly connect with the vision all the time with the most crucial aspects of performance, training, reviews and several other kinds of things. It is vital for the companies to handle the concerns and issues very honestly and ensure proper involvement at every step in the whole process.

Removing obstacles: The organization needs to ensure that organizational processes and structures are perfectly in place so that alignment with the overall organizational vision can be ensured. Further, it is vital for the company to continuously check for barriers and people who will be resisting the changes so that implementation of the proactive actions can be done very well and removal of the obstacles can be done with the help of proper processing of changes. It is also important for the people to reward each other with the help of endorsing the changes and supporting the whole process.

Creating short-term wins: It is very much important for the organization to be clear about this particular area and ensuring that creation will be perfectly undertaken to the changing process so that everybody can get the feeling of victory into the very early stages of change. The companies need to create many short-term targets instead of a single long-term goal because these will be very less expensive and will be highly achievable without any kind of possibility of failure. It is also important to revert the contributions of the people in this particular area.

Consolidating gains: It is very much advisable for the people to deal with this particular aspect very easily so that success stories can be dealt with efficiently and there will be a higher level of improvement of the whole process.

Anchoring change in the corporate culture: The companies need to discuss the success stories in this particular area with the given opportunities and ensure that change will be the most integral component of the whole process so that existing leaders can be dealt with very easily and there is no issue at any point of time.

Hence, being clear about Kotter’s 8 step model is important because this is a very clear description of guidance of the process of change into the organizations to ensure relatively implementation becomes easy

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