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Your Guide to Dirt Bike Parts and Gear

by Henry
Your Guide to Dirt Bike Parts and Gear

If you are an adventure lover, you need to be on a dirt bike to experience a bottomless supply of adrenaline and near heart attacks. Moreover, if you get a kick out of riding fast, then dirt bikes are the best option for you since your speed will be limited only by the terrain and your expertise in riding the bike.

Dirt bikes deliver more power, which makes it easier to ride and control them. They promise a wild and thrilling experience, but you have to properly maintain your dirt bike parts to get the best performance out of your bike. Nevertheless, you will have a safe ride only when all the parts of your dirt bike are in a good condition.

Replacing the Parts of a Dirt Bike
Chassis, wheels, engine, brakes and suspension system are the important parts of a dirt bike. And when all parts are in good condition, they protect you from unnecessary accidents. Routine maintenance and checking of your dirt bike help you to replace the worn-out parts at the right time. So, taking some time to check the parts and replacing them ensures proper operation and gives you a great experience. Besides, some parts of a dirt bike deteriorate much quicker and need replacing more often than the other parts.

Parts That Need Frequent Replacement
Most common parts that fail on a dirt bike sooner than the others are:

  • Clutch
  • Chain
  • Piston
  • Crankshaft bearings
  • Brakes
  • Shock linkage bearings
  • Tyres
  • Valves

Moreover, it helps to have spare parts because you don’t know when you have to replace them.

Essential Dirt Bike Gear

Full-Face Helmet
A helmet protects your brain, the most important part of your body. And it is important since even a minor accident can cause a serious head injury that can affect your brain. Moreover, when you crash, you may hit the handlebar and it can break your jaw, and in such situations, a full-face helmet reduces the chance of such injuries to your head and face.

While riding your bike, your feet may touch mud, stones, roots, branches and other objects on the trail, and good quality boots can comfort you and protect your feet, ankle and lower leg. Besides, they encase your ankle joints, absorb impacts and allow flexibility. Moreover, they protect your ankle by eliminating unwanted twisting and unexpected rock strikes when riding.

Wearing goggles while riding a bike protects your eyes from flying debris like dust, bugs, small stones and dry leaves. This is important since you will crash if something gets into your eyes when you are riding. Besides, oversized goggles will give you excellent protection, but they should also fit comfortably along with your helmet and must give you good vision. Also, it should not fog up when you are in low temperatures.

Gloves give you a good grip during long and intense rides. And dirt bike gloves can be a better fit and they allow the maximum feel of handlebars. And as well as they protect you against abrasions, burns and blisters, the material should be stretchy enough to provide freedom of movement, breathable and abrasion-resistant.

Knee Braces
Damage to your knees can cause lifelong problems. Hence, knees should be protected from pounding of ruts, uneven terrains and jumps while landing. So, knee braces give you stability when riding the bike and reduce wear and tear. Moreover, they should offer adjustments to fit your knees perfectly.

Elbow Guards
Elbows are vital joints and need to be protected while riding. They help you control the bike and support your weight. And in case of an accident, they will protect your elbow when you put your arms in front to lessen the impact of the fall. Even when you are wearing all the essential protective gear, you can ride safely only when the dirt bike parts are in excellent condition. So, make sure that you buy good quality parts that will extend the life of your bike and help you enjoy each ride.

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