Home Ideas Take Action to Eliminate Asbestos from Your Surroundings

Take Action to Eliminate Asbestos from Your Surroundings

by Henry
Take Action to Eliminate Asbestos from Your Surroundings

Research conducted by asbestos experts in Sydney states that houses built before 1982 are likely to have more asbestos in familiar places than those built after it. On and off, there have been many awareness programs conducted by the Australian government and private organizations to make Australian residents aware of the risks, consequences and why they should eliminate them from their lives.

Sydney is one of Australia's most populated cities, so there is a need for asbestos removal in commercial and residential areas. There are various companies for Asbestos Removal Sydney has to offer, which takes care of removing asbestos from the property. Many Aussies don't know that they are exposed to asbestos in the most common places, both public and private areas. Like you just read, homes made in Sydney before 1982 used a lot of asbestos. So, if you are still living in a house constructed before that time or are taking over a property to redevelop it from scratch, you are about to get exposed to asbestos.

What are the most common places in a house in Sydney to find asbestos
There is a big list of the most common places in your house where you find asbestos. Check out the list below and seek help from a professional asbestos removal specialist to carefully eliminate it from your home.

  • Underlying the ceramic tiles
  • Cavities between ceilings in the bathroom, living room, kitchen and the bedroom
  • The electric meter box
  • Roofs
  • Pipe fitting within the walls
  • Guttering

Is there a risk of asbestos exposure outside the house in Sydney
Your house is likely to be surrounded by asbestos, even from the exteriors. If you have a big front and a backyard, you might expose yourself to asbestos within the soil, the fencing, the garage, garden sheds and dog kennels.

Why is it essential to get asbestos testing in Sydney
If you want to protect your friends, family, and yourself from diseases caused due to asbestos exposure, you should first call for asbestos testing. Regularly getting exposed to asbestos may lead to developing life-threatening illnesses that have no cure yet. In the first place, you shouldn't be trying to remove asbestos on your own. You must always hire a professional to do the job.

How long does the process of asbestos removal take in Sydney
There are two methods of removing asbestos, one is the traditional method, and the other is a modern one. The old techniques, like scraping, removing and resurfacing, can take up an entire day. It also depends a lot on the square ft area that needs to be acted upon. Approximately, it takes 20 hours to clear one square ft area.

Thankfully, now some modern machines and tools can considerably take less time to get things done. You can contact any professional company for Asbestos Removal Sydney offers and take quotations for the job. You can compare between two or more competent professionals to know which is better. You'll come across plenty of companies in Australia for asbestos removal because the government bodies are dedicatedly working towards the complete elimination of asbestos from the country.

So, quickly reach out to a trusted and registered company to get asbestos testing done without any delay. You can also approach the government risk management corporation to seek help.

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