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Things You Should Know About Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

by Henry
Things You Should Know About Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

As far as a commercial kitchen canopy cleaning is considered, many businesses are still not aware of its importance and their responsibilities. So, let’s have a look at all the basics of commercial kitchen canopy cleaning. We will also find out what businesses can do to make sure that they adhere to the best practices and standards of canopy cleaning.

Importance of Canopy Cleaning
The consequences of an unmaintained canopy can be quite overwhelming. The clearest danger of an unmaintained canopy is fire. It is because canopies blocked with grime and grease can get ignited fast, without any warning. A fire can start with a single spark and once aflame, it can rush through the grease-laden ducts quickly.

Another important aspect that every business owner should know is that their insurance claims can get rejected if they have unmaintained canopies in their commercial kitchens. Moreover, unclean canopies can breach safety and health guidelines leading to heavy fines or business closures.

How Often Should You Get Your Canopy Cleaned
Every commercial kitchen canopy system should be cleaned regularly. How often exactly will depend on different factors, mainly for how long cooking is done in the specific kitchen and what kind of cooking is undertaken. The schedule recommended by most professional canopy cleaners is:

  • For kitchens with heavy use (12 to 16 hours), the cleaning should be performed every 3 months.
  • For kitchens with moderate use (6 to 12 hours), canopy cleaning should be done half-yearly.
  • And for kitchens with light use (2 to 6 hours), cleaning can be performed annually.

These are just guidelines and since every commercial kitchen is different, the canopy of the kitchen may need more or less cleaning based on your specific situation. For an accurate cleaning schedule, you can contact your local commercial canopy cleaning service providers.

Things Included In A Commercial Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Service
A complete commercial kitchen canopy cleaning service should include many elements like:

  • Detailed cleaning of the ducts and duct system
  • Full scrape cleaning of the canopy system
  • Thorough cleaning of the ventilation system
  • Filter change or maintenance
  • Cleaning of fans along with other appurtenances

When the entire cleaning is done, your canopy cleaning service provider should offer you a written document consisting of the details about the service offered.

Reasons To Hire Professional Canopy Cleaners
Canopy cleaning is quite complex and a dangerous job as well. It needs work to be performed in higher places using chemical cleaners and around grease-laden areas. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get it done by a reliable and professional canopy cleaning company. Unluckily, many workplace injuries and accidents occur every year because of employees trying to clean kitchen canopies themselves. Some injuries are quite serious and their consequences for the business owners can be serious as well. Moreover, if the canopy cleaning is not performed by experienced and trained commercial kitchen canopy cleaning professionals, then the cleaning may not be performed properly. As mentioned above, breach of standards, fire, and rejected insurance claims can all be a result of an improperly cleaned canopy system.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Company
The canopy cleaning company you are thinking to hire should be aware of your country’s canopy cleaning standards and the rules and regulations related to it in your state. They should have proven working experience with the businesses in your industry. If you are not sure about a canopy cleaning company, you can ask the following:

  • Written reviews from happy and satisfied clients
  • Proof of their licensing
  • Example of written reports that they deliver on finishing the cleaning process.

Locating the right canopy cleaning company or service provider can be a bit difficult. However, once you settle upon a service provider, they must be able to offer you many years of reliable service.

What Access Is Needed For Canopy Cleaning
To get your canopy cleaned, your selected canopy cleaning service provider will require sufficient access to your kitchen systems. It is made possible through different access panels. They may also need entry to the roofing of your kitchen. If you don’t have access panels installed already, then you may need to implement them before cleaning occurs. It will generally incur a one-off cost of installation.

With a little knowledge and the right assistance, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your commercial kitchen canopy can be a hassle-free and regular part of the business operations. Get in touch with the right canopy cleaning company to ensure the safety and health of your employees and your clients.

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