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Reasons for Using a Mobile Device Management Solution for Managing iOS Devices

by Henry
Reasons for Using a Mobile Device Management Solution for Managing iOS Devices

iPad MDM or iOS MDM is a big support for keeping iOS devices secure and manageable in an organization. It can control and safeguard the information in both corporate devices and employee-owned devices in case there is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in the organization. These are the applications of mobile device management iPhone:

Quick Enrolment of iOS devices: One of the applications of iOS MDM is to enroll the various devices running on iOS, such as iPhone and iPod touch devices, on the MDM server and assign users for these devices.

Asset Management: Mobile device management iOS is also useful for managing devices and their status from a centralized platform. The application allows the systematic management and organization of iOS devices based on geographical location, business functions, or other criteria.

Content distribution: Content distribution on remote devices is another application of iOS mobile device management. The iOS MDM distributes PDFs, worksheets, ebooks, etc., remotely to the devices at different locations.

Mobile Application Management: The apps are managed by the iOS MDM on iOS and iPadOS devices. The applications are managed and secured by a blocklist and allowlist so that only those applications are installed on the devices that are approved by the organization.

Screen Sharing: The iOS MDM console provides a unique screen-sharing application for remotely accessing the devices by sharing the real-time screens of enrolled iPhones and iPads. This application helps the tech support team to troubleshoot the mobile devices and provide better services remotely, regardless of the location of the device.

Modify device settings: The iOS MDM allows modification of settings related to Bluetooth, camera, Wi-fi, microphone, reboot, shutdown devices, etc., over the air.

Lock iPad into Kiosk mode: It is also one of the unique applications of iOS mobile device management. It can remotely lock down multiple devices at once to use the iPad in a single application or multiple applications modes. It allows only those applications that are approved by the IT administration and restrict all others.

Data Protection: In case an organization has a Bring Your Own Device policy, employees sometimes use a single device for both personal and official purposes. The iOS mobile device management encrypts the data on iOS devices so that the enterprise applications do not access personal data and information. This file-level data protection helps keep the device user's privacy intact and keep the business-sensitive information secure.

The iOS products are considered as one of the safest and compatible devices for business organizations. The utility and features of these devices make them unique. The iOS mobile device management iPhone offers many essential applications for easy deployment and secured management of iOS devices in the organization. Mobile Device Management iOS solutions help manage and distribute apps remotely, handle the large-scale deployment of devices, and remotely lock or erase data on devices.

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